Tall Ship Charters

Looking for a unique vacation experience in the Virgin Islands? How about seeing the Virgin Islands aboard the romantic …the historic …the breathtaking beauty of a tall ship?! Sail the VI’s in the style of the legendary Caribbean pirates and privateers. Glide into secret harbors aboard the amazing ships and discover the islands in a unique way!

Virgin Islands Tall Ship Charters

H.B. Welch Charters – 69′ – 19th century replica of a pinkie gaff-rigged schooner

Island Windjammers – 101′ Schooner Diamant and 120′ Sailing Ship Sagitta

Liberty Fleet – 67′ schooner Liberty Star

Talofa Tall Ship – 72′ restored 1930’s-era yacht

Treazzure Sailing Adventures USVI – 60′ classic sailing ketch

Windjammer Cruises – Caribbean Windjammer Cruises, US & British Virgin Islands