St John Snorkeling Map

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St John is blessed with some of the finest shallow water snorkeling in the Caribbean. With shallow water snorkeling the patch reefs and marine life are closer to the beaches and easy to get to. In fact, most of St John’s TOP SNORKELING DESTINATIONS don’t require a boat or charter! With easy access from some of the most popular beaches – it’s easy to see why so many people choose to St john as their snorkeling destination!

Snorkeling 101 mask and finsDiscover the best spots to swim with Hawksbill Turtles grazing on sea grasses.

Many of St John’s beaches have fantastic snorkeling just off the beach. Easy access and shallow water conditions allow people with a wide variety of abilities and experience to discover the amazing world beneath the waves! With over 400 species of fish, corals and marine life there’s a rich ecosystem waiting for you! Watch as schools of Atlantic Blue Tangs swim along the reef. See Hawksbill Turtles grazing on sea grasses. Amazing rays and the elusive Spotted Eagle Ray glide across sandy bottoms in search of morsels. Snorkel over forests of sea fans and gorgonians in colors of purple and blue. Sponges in oranges, reds, purples and greens carpet the shaded recesses of the reef. Gigantic maze brain corals dot the bottom. Endangered Staghorn Coral and Elkhorn Corals rise up to create sanctuaries for smaller fish.

St John Snorkeling Map


Some of Our Top Picks For Snorkeling On St John, USVI
Waterlemon Cay – The top snorkeling destination on St John.
Henley CayStaff Pick for Best Snorkeling on St Johnrequires kayak or charter
Haulover (North) – Some of the most dramatic underwater structure and corals on the island.
Salt Pond – Can get a bit crowded but offers some nice snorkeling especially center of the bay.
Yawzi Point – Located between Great Lameshur and Lameshur Bays, Yawzi Point has some of the best snorkeling on St John.
Trunk Bay – A beautiful beach with an underwater snorkeling trail! One of the best snorkeling spots on St John.

Maho Bay – Easy access, shallow water, shade and a good chance you’ll see turtles, rays and lots of fish!
Caneel Bay beach – Shallow entry, calm waters and plenty to see close to shore.
Trunk Bay – Virgin Islands National Park snorkeling trail and a lifeguard!

Honeymoon Beach – The name says it all …spend the day renting a kayaking, SUP, snorkeling or just hanging out!
Hansen Bay – Off-the-beaten-path location with a beautiful beach, food and some of the best snorkeling.
Trunk Bay – One of the top beaches in the Caribbean also has some great snorkeling!
Henley Cay – Staff Pick for Best Snorkeling on St John – requires kayak or charter

Maho Bay – The turtles love Maho for its sea grass large beds just off the beach! Our top pick for spots to see turtles on St John!
Caneel Bay beach – Calm waters, fewer people and boat traffic and dense sea grass beds make this a great spot to see turtles!
Hansen Bay – Protected coves and plenty of sea grass for food make this a good choice for anybody looking to swim with a turtle!