St John Real Estate

It’s a rare visitor that doesn’t sink their feet into the sand at one of St John’s beautiful beaches and dream of owning a piece of paradise. For those with the means and the desire …the dream of owning property or a home on St John can become a reality. Here’s a quick guide to help you begin your real estate search.

Get to Know the Island

In 1671 the King of Denmark divided the island of St John into estates. These estates are organized within 5 Quarters consisting of Cruz Bay, Reef Bay, Maho Bay, Coral Bay and East End. Each Quarter and each estate has it’s own “personality” which your real estate professional will use to help you find the right location to begin your search for property on St John.

St John Real Estate mapCruz Bay Quarter
Located on the western end of St John – Cruz Bay is the economic center of St John. The estates with this quarter enjoy easy access to transportation, restaurants and bars as well as markets and social services. You’ll also find that many properties have wonderful sunset views and views of St Thomas and Lovango Cay.

Cruz Bay Estates
Adrian, Bellevue, Bethany, Beverhoudtsberg, Caneel Bay, Catherineberg, Contant Chocolate Hole, Denis Bay, Enighed, Esperance, Gift Hill & Regenback, Glucksberg, Grunwald, Hammer Farm, Hawksnest, Pastroy, Rendezvous & Dittlef, San Succi & Guinea Gut, Susannaberg, Trunk Bay

Reef Bay Quarter
Located on St John’s southern shore – much of the Reef Bay Quarter is VI National Park with the exception of Fish Bay. Property in Fish Bay is popular for it’s secluded location; with many lots enjoying the protection of National Park land.

Reef Bay Estates
Bordeaux, Fish Bay, Hope, Lameshur, Mollendahl, Reef Bay, Sieben

Maho Bay Quarter
Located on St John’s north shore – there are few privately held lots or properties within the Maho Bay Quarter. Most of the property within Maho is or will be within the control of the VI National Park.

Maho Bay Estates
Abrahams Fancy, Annaberg, Browns Bay, Great Cinnamon Bay, Leinster Bay, Maho Bay, Mary Point, Peter Bay, Rustenberg & Adventure

Coral Bay Quarter
Located on the eastern side of St John – Coral Bay was the economic center of the island’s Dutch sugarcane production. Today it’s known as the “quiet side of the island”. Within the Coral Bay Quarter you’ll find estates like Carolina, Emmaus, Eden, Zootenvaal, Saunders Gut, Calabash Boom, St. Quacco & Zimmerman, Fortsberg, Johns Folly and Concordia. Each has a slightly different micro-climate, view and character.

Coral Bay Estates
Ben Runnels Gut, Calabash Boom, Carolina, Concordia A / Concordia B, Eden, Emmaus, Freemans Ground, Fortsberg, Hard Labor, Hermitage, Johns Folly, Little Plantation, Mandahl, Saunders Gut, St. Quacco & Zimmerman, Zootenvaal

East End Quarter
Located at the eastern most end of St John – East End Quarter is rugged and dry with several large upscale sub divisions. Because of the location and driving time required to get to and from Cruz Bay – many choose the East End for its isolation and undeveloped beauty.

East End Quarter
Hansen Bay, Haulover, Mt Pleasant & Retreat

Build or Buy?

Building on St John is the “great unknown”. The steep volcanic island slopes offer stunning vistas along with the associated challenges of building on such terrain. Starting with excavation you might encounter the dreaded “Blue Bitch” stone that can drive excavation costs through the roof! You’ll also want to consider the high cost of building on St John … averaging approximately $325.00 USD/per sq ft. But before you despair that you can’t build on St John … know that many have built and enjoyed wonderful homes on this island. Luckily there’s an experience construction industry right here on St John. From architect to excavator to concrete and tile …these guys have built dozens of homes on St John. They can help you navigate through the process of realizing your dream home on this tropical island paradise!

Selecting a Real Estate Professional

Just like in the States you’ll want to find someone that is a good match in personality and responsiveness. Many people rely on referrals from residents and property owners. Whichever path you choose remember that you’ll need this professional to help guide you through the sometimes daunting challenge of search, negotiations and purchase. Choosing the wrong real estate professional will impact the success of your property purchase!

Real Estate Agencies Serving St John

There is a relatively large selection of agencies on St John and we recommend you “interview” several before committing to any one agent or agency. Because the island is small and most MLS listings include broker reciprocity …you can work with any licensed broker on the island to find your dream St John home or St John property.

Our List Of St John Real Estate Agencies