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St John has a variety of rental car Jeep agencies to choose from. We have our favorites; but, a quick search on any St John travel forum will turn up traveler reviews. Remember, St John is a mountainous Caribbean island. Our roads twist and turn, this way and that! And sometimes the roads are wet from rain and/or not well maintained. We recommend 4WD vehicles! And please …drive on the LEFT!

Bougainvillea – T: 800-253-7107

Best Car Rental – T: 340-693-8177

C&C – T: 340-693-8164

Cool Breeze – T: 340-776-6588

Courtesy – T: 340-776-6650

Delbert Hill – T: 340-776-6637

Denzil Cline – T: 340-776-6715

Hospitality – T: 340-693-9160

L&L – T: 340-776-1120

O’Connor – T: 340-776-6343

Paris – T: 340-776-6171

Penn’s – T: 340-776-6530

Spencer’s – T: 888-776-6628 or local 340-693-8784

STJ Car Rental – T: 340-776-6103

Sunshine Jeep Rental – T: 340-690-1SUN

Varlack Ventures – T: 340-776-6412


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