History of St John

The island of Saint John has a rich and storied past. Discover the relics of the earliest settlers, the Taino Indians, through the 17th, 18th and 19th century Danish plantation and slavery era, sugarcane production, and the island’s 1916 sale by the Danes to the United States.

Discover the St John beyond the beaches!

St John is blessed with a community of people deeply interested in the island’s history. Some have lived here all of their lives while others bring an academic or personal skill set to researching and collecting image resources, historical records, family stories and archeological work.

St John Historical Society Logo

So discover the St John beyond the beaches! Bring to life the island’s many ruins, petroglyphs and old Danish roads and trails. The St John Historical Society site is an invaluable resource! The images and articles on the site will give a new perspective on the changes that this small island has undergone over the centuries. And you’ll gain a new appreciation for the plantation ruins and old roads and trails that you see across Saint John.

While on Island

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