2/3 of the island is made of of the Virgin Islands National Park. Within the park there are over 20 scenic  hiking adventures for all abilities. Most of the trails will bring you to historically significant locations, plantation ruins and scenic overlooks. This is definitely a great way to get to know the island of St John.

Panoramic view from Ram Head. Mouse over – to scroll left and right!

Drunk Bay and Ram’s Head Trail
The trail starts at the eastern end of Salt Pond Bay beach. Follow the narrow path along the edge of the salt marsh behind Salt Pond. When the trail splits – left takes you to the dramatic shores of Drunk Bay. Not good for swimming – it’s fame is in the rock cairns and stone and coral “sculptures” that can be found along the shoreline.Butterfly in the Virgin Islands National Park on St John

Bear to the right and the trail winds its way up to the crest of Ram’s Head. There you’ll be treated to an amazing view of St John’s East End to your left and Salt pond Bay to your right. And all around you the rugged wind-swept beauty of St John’s southern shore. Find out more

Lind Point Trail
1.2 mi / 1 hour – The Lind Point Trail runs from the VI Visitors Center in Cruz Bay around the point to Salomon Bay and Honeymoon Bay beaches and a bit further …Caneel Bay beach and Resort. Along the way you’ll have a chance to look out over Cruz Bay harbor from the Lind Point scenic lookout.

Cinnamon Bay Trail to America Hill Ruins
Approximately .5 mi each way. Steep winding path. Trail head starts at the sharp bend in the road just after the ruins across from the Cinnamon Bay Beach entrance. This short hike takes you along the Cinnamon Bay Trail that leads to Centerline Road. About 1/4 mi into the hike, just after you cross the gut, you’ll come to a spur trail to your left. This steep path takes is another 1/4 mi up a switch back route. At the top you’ll find the amazing ruins of the Estate House at America Hill. Enjoy beautiful vistas to the NE overlooking Maho, Mary Point and the BVIs. Follow a short path away from the ruins and there’s a decent overlook down upon Peter Bay all the way to St Thomas. But the Estate House ruins are the star here. Although they are not preserved … you can still see the grandeur of the structure.

Leinster Bay panorama. Mouse-over scroll left and right!

Leinster Bay Trail / Johnny Horn Trail to Windy Hill Ruins + the Old Danish Guard House Ruins
Approximately 1.1 mi each way. Mix of flat and moderately steep trails. Takes approximately 45+ min each way. Starting at the Leinster Bay Trail head just east of the Annaberg Ruins parking area – you’ll follow a well worn trail along Leinster Bay toward Waterlemon Cay. At the far end of the beach the trail will split. You’ll take the route to your left and up the hill. Just around the bend are the ruins of the Old Danish Guard House. Enjoy views out over Waterlemon Cay, Leinster Bay and Mary Point. Continue up the hill another 1/4 mi and the trail splits again. Take this narrow path to your left.Along the way you’ll see St John’s more remote shorelines and look out across to Tortola. It’s a gentle grade up to the hill top ruins of Windy Hill. Enjoy spectacular views of Waterlemon Cay, Leinster Bay, Mary Point and the BVIs to your right.

Panoramic view of Brown Bay. Mouse over – to scroll left and right!

Brown Bay Trail
Approximately 1 mi / 1 hour. Located on the East End, the trail to Brown Bay is a moderately challenging trek with a highly rewarding destination. The trail starts just off East End Road with ample parking at the trail base. You’ll have a steady climb to the ridge and then it’s all down hill to Brown Bay. The beach is best along the eastern side – turning to pebble and stone as you head west. The water is shallow and sea grass beds make this a great spot to see rays and conch. Snorkeling is best along the eastern shore line out to the point. And there are some extensive plantation ruins along the western portion of the beach.

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Reef Bay Trail
2.2 mi 2 hrs – starts on Centerline Road and descends into the Virgin Islands National Park. You hike through a dense tropical forest on your way to the  Petroglyphs, the ParForce Great House Ruins and the Reef Bay Factory ruins.

Lameshur Bay Trail
Beginning just past VIERS at Little Lameshur Bay – the Lameshur Bay Trail connects with the Reef Bay Trail and takes you to the ParForce Great House Ruins, the petroglyphs and the Reef Bay Factory Ruins. Hikers can also try the Bordeaux Mountain Trail which starts/ends at Little Lameshur.

Looking for a less challenging hike? There are several trails off of the Lameshur Trail that lead to the point between Little Lameshur and Europa Bay and a trail to the rugged and beautiful stoney beach of Europa Bay.

A great resource for hiking on St John is website by avid hiker Bob Garrison. Visit TrailBandit

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