East End Beaches

St John’s East End holds several wonderful beaches and secret snorkeling spots! You’ll also find fewer people on the East End because really the only way to get there is by renting a car or Jeep. That said, I highly recommend the adventure. Top destinations on the East End are Vie’s Beach / Hansen Bay, Haulover North, Haulover South and the mangroves of Hurricane Hole.

Vie's Beach , Hansen Bay , St John US Virgin IslandsCLOSED
Vie’s Beach / Hansen Bay

Located on the east end of St John is Hansen Bay. Although it is comprised of several beaches – the one most often visited is Vie’s beach – located directly across the road from Vie’s Snack Shack. She provides parking, a shady spot to enjoy some of her island cooking and access to the beach and beach chairs.

This is one of my personal favorites. The beach is soft white sand with a couple of places to find some shade. The beach isn’t very big – but it’s rarely crowded. Easy access with a shallow entry. Protected from wind and big waves. A great place to soak up the sun on St John. Find out more about Vie’s Beach and Snack Shack


Hansen Bay CampgroundsHansen Bay Beach

This short stretch of sand is a remote laid back spot to enjoy some sun, sand and snorkeling. The property owners have opened up the land to parking and kayak and SUP rentals.



Haulover North


Once rarely visited, this beach is now quite popular with snorkelers. The beach is pebble with lots of flotsam and jetsam. Entry is easiest at the apex of the beach where the sandy bottom comes near the shoreline. Depending on wind and waves – this can be an easy snorkel or a bit of a challenge. The best times are early in the morning or when the wind is out of the south.
Find out more Haulover North for snorkeling


Haulover Beach on St Johns East End.Haulover South

Located at the edge of the Virgin Islands National Park as you enter St john’s East End. Parking is catch-as-catch-can along the roadway or tucked into the trees just off the road. The beach is mostly cobblestone and coral pebbles. But there are some areas of white sand. With a south facing beach, Haulover South gets plenty of sun. And it’s a favorite among snorkelers. Snorkel is best along the eastern shoreline.


Brown Bay Beach and Trail on St John for snorkeling and hikingBrown Bay Beach

Getting there requires a short ( approx. 30 min each way) hike. The beach at Brown Bay is sandy and wind swept with plenty of shade along the narrow sand and pebble shoreline. The water is a mix of sandy bottom and sea grasses. Shallow entry. Waves are lightest early in the morning and on days when the wind is out of the south. Because of its location it’s generally less visited than some of the other beaches. There are also extensive cellar hole and rubble plantation ruins located along the western shoreline. Find out more about Brown Bay Beach Trail




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