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Discover St John’s History

The history of St John, USVIEver wonder what life was like on St John in the 1950’s or 1900 or 1780 or earlier? If so, then you’ll likely find the St John Historical Society’s web site, , and publications a true treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment!

Life in Five Quarters is the St John Historical Society’s latest effort. The pages of the 200+ page book contain selected articles and historic images from the Society’s archives. From the Danish struggle to colonize the island through “modern day” St John ( 1950’s) you’ll discover, through text and pictures, some of the most important events to shape today’s island of St John.

“… 66 unique articles …as well as an impressive collection of images … many never before published.”

I encourage you to discover St John beyond the beautiful beaches, villas and watersports. There is a St John beneath the modern exterior that is brimming with fascinating history. Whether you are driving, walking, hiking or snorkeling – every corner of St John bears evidence of its past. Give context to the things you see and the places you visit on St John by learning a bit about life before cruise ships and Piña Coladas. I think you’ll find it enriches the experience!

Life in Five Quarters is available at many of the gift shops on St John or by visiting the St John Historical Society’s site Shop Now. The price is $29.99 for the printed book or $9.99 for an electronic download. Your support helps to protect and promote the island’s history and treasures.