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Daniel and the Jumbies

A fun story for children of all ages …

Daniel and the Jumbies book by JulesDaniel and the Jumbies is a fictional middle grade chapter book that playfully uncovers some of the mysteries of historical folklore of the Caribbean. This story takes readers of all ages on an adventure with a boy named Daniel who was uprooted from his home in Connecticut to a new and unfamiliar place called St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As Daniel makes big adjustments, he takes us all on a journey like no other, to a small, unique and exciting island in the Caribbean and into the minds and hearts of the fine locals who reside there. And on the way, he just might encounter a Jumbie, a special spirit who lives among the beauty of the islands and enriches the lives of those who are lucky enough to visit, even in our imaginations…

“I decided to write Daniel and the Jumbies in order to share the unique beauty and magic of the island of St. John and it’s special people with kids of all ages. Also wanted to demonstrate how folklore legends like Jumbies can be seen as good or bad depending on one’s perspective, and do so while trying to capture the magic that is St. John.”

Jules has been involved with teaching and working on educational materials used in the classroom for most of her adult life. Her passion for the beautiful, magical island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands allowed the story of a boy’s unique adventures to unfold in her middle grade chapter book, Daniel and the Jumbies. Although Jules continues to be involved with trying to enrich the lives of young people everywhere, she still enjoys editing material from teens and adults as well, while pursuing her dreams of writing across multiple platforms.

Jules lives in sunny Florida with her dear husband and beloved son, and they enjoy sailing together on Tampa Bay. She is grateful every day for her devoted readers, and proudly serves on the Editorial Board of the IPPA Network, hoping to make a positive difference in the way we all view the world (

Jules is the owner of Palm Tree Literary Services (, and helps her teenage son Dylan with his venture to share some relaxation tools with his business Palm Tree Hammocks (

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