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Blue Chair Rum Review

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Blue Bay Rum Review

Well, I finally got my hands on a couple of bottles! Talk about something catching on …and fast. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are buzzing with fans asking the same question …”Where can I get a bottle of Blue Chair Rum?“. And the distributor has responded by getting more bottles on more shelves and quick!

“We took all the beauty out there and bottled it up in here.” – Kenny Chesney

Blue Chair Bay Rum reviewUsing the Rum Locator on their site I found a shop near me. Short drive, if 30 miles is a short drive. When my wife and I got home we decided to try one of the signature drinks, an Island Girl. It uses Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum and we like coconut anything. So, here’s the drink recipe and our review:

1 1/2 oz. Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. pinapple juice
2 oz. lemon-lime soda

Mix all of the ingredients in a tall glass half full of ice, stir and serve with a garnish of orange or pineapple

Now for the Review
Full disclosure,
I tried some straight so I’d have a better idea of the true taste of this premium rum. Glad I did because the soda in the Island Lady was just a bit too sweet for me. What I will say is that it is definitely easy to drink. It’s a clear white rum with a nice but not over powering flavor of coconut. It definitely puts some distance between itself and say Malibu Rum. It’s a lot more subtle coconut flavoring. And surely not as sweet as some coconut rums on the market. And Blue Chair Bay Rum would be a great rum choice for just about any of our favorite rum mixed drinks. On the rocks it was smooth and cool …warming as it went down without any hints of fake coconut flavoring. IMO, it stands out from some of the other coconut rums in its balance and drinkability. It’s a true premium product …no doubt and no disappointment. This will be one of the top rums in a very short time.

Find out where you can pick up Blue Chair Bay Rum using their handy store locator.

So pick up a bottle and give it a try then let me know what you think.