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A Holiday Treat – Guavaberry Wine

Christmas is a time for celebration and the Virgin Islands are no different. Well, there might be somethings about Christmas and New Years celebrations that are unique to the islands. One of them is Guavaberry Wine.Boiling guavaberries for wine

Guavaberry is a small purple to orange/red fruit of the guavaberry tree. This spindly tree is very finicky and won’t grow just anywhere. But St John is one of those places that the guavaberry enjoys. High on Bordeaux Mountain on the eastern side of St John, the forest are the perfect environment for the guavaberry. With plenty of rain and cool winds – the guavaberry tree thrives.

Because it isn’t commercially produced – guavaberry wine isn’t usually available. It is something each family produces and shares with great pride.

So, make some friendships while on island and you may be lucky enough to taste this unique island treat.

For generations residents have picked the guavaberries and, according to each families recipe, made them into a traditional holiday drink, guavaberry wine. Ingredients include raisins, vanilla bean, sorrel, prune, cinnamon and rum make up guavaberry wine. But don’t let the name fool ya’h. This isn’t like the wine from Napa -this is a fruit and rum infused drink with the power to bring you great celebration [ and, if taken in large quantities – great woe]. You’ve been warned!

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